Beltronics XRC Ultimate (XRC-Plus) radar detector

Sorry, this product is no longer produced. Consider one of our alternatives instead:

Escort MAX Ci (installed stealth radar) Genevo Pro NZ stealth radar detector K40 RL200i stealth radar detector Stinger VIP


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This was our top stealth radar system before it was replaced by the Escort 9500ci, and before we introduced the Stinger and K40 range to New Zealand.

  • Ramped up processing speed (compared to its initial release earlier this decade)
  • Undetectable
  • Programmable
  • Upgradeable

Complete Protection – There is an arsenal of speed cameras being used to read and capture your speed.

– Mobile Radar – The XRC-ULTIMATE processes and provides early warning of all mobile radar cameras. The expanded K band range unique to the International models provides long-range detection on the Redflex mobile radar cameras.

– Hand Held Lasers – Line of sight early warning and detection police laser.

– Fixed and Redlight Cameras – The XRC-ULTIMATE comes preloaded with the GPS locations of most fixed and red light cameras. Mark additional GPS locations yourself at any time.

– Discrete Design – The physical design of the XRC-ULTIMATE allows for simple installation & complete concealment to avoid theft or damage. All components are a simple plug-n-play interface with the main module, and it also enables multiple installation options due to its separate display and control modules. TotalShield™ technology also offers complete invisibility to all RDD’s (radar-detector-detectors), not that it’s required in New Zealand as radar detectors are 100% legal anyway.


  • AU/NZ speed camera + red light camera database pre-loaded (no recent updates released)
  • Exclusive TotalShield™ Technology
  • Clear Digital Voice or Audio Alerts
  • Mute and AutoMute Audio Controls
  • Dual Antenna Design
  • Easy-to-Use Options and Controls
  • Ultra-Bright High Definition Display, adjustable with dark mode
  • Complete RDD Immunity
  • Narrow Ka-band mode
  • Advanced True Lock GPS Filtering eliminates false alerts
  • One year limited warranty


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