Which Uniden Radar Is Best?

I’ts fair to say that Uniden have a few “levels” of radar detectors on the market in New Zealand.

NZ Radars avoided the entry level Uniden models which start under $200.  Sure, they work about as well as anyone should expect for that price, but we know Uniden has far better options – and our customers expect better.

The R3 NZ is an older unit and at under $1000, it easily performs as well as competitor brands that sell for hundred$ more.

But if the question is which Uniden radar is best, for us that really comes down to the two top units.

The Unden R8nz, or the Uniden R4nz.

R4nz: this is one of the newest Uniden detectors on the market in New Zealand.  The key keatures that make it a worthwhile purcahse:

  • Bluetooth allowing connection to 3rd party apps, ie “Highway Radar”
  • Faster processing speed compared to the R3 predecessor
  • Better filtering for false alerts on K band for camera van detection


R8nz: while this is probably one of our most popular detectors, it has a few featuresd that not everyone feels they need.  All detectors pick up threats from any direction, and that’s often all our customers are after.  The R8nz though takes it a step further utilising directional arrows in the display.  These show you if the threat is in front, behind, or beside you.  Popular features of the Uniden R8nz are:

  • Directional arrows showing front, rear, or side threat direction
  • Speed camera van detection, albeit with false aerts as a trade off
  • False alert filtering and memory lockouts
  • Bluetooth allowing connection to 3rd party apps like “Highway Radar”


So which one should you choose?

Neither one is wrong.  Both do a great job, but they are different – in the same way you can’t compare a 4wd with a motorbike.  Same technology, but different technology.

If you can afford it, the directional arrows on the R8 nz really do come in handy on the open road and highways.  That said, the R4 nz will do everything you need it to in order to keep your speed respectable and safe for several hundred dollars less.