Genevo Pro NZ stealth radar detector


This new stealth installed radar detector is one of the big names in Europe and is now available in New Zealand.

It is a built-in set with a new detachable display and integrated Genevo radar antenna. In its development emphasis was put especially on the best functionality, user-friendliness and simplicity of installation. It consists of the main control unit, GPS antenna, a radar antenna, display and display dock.

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Genevo Pro NZ

Genevo Pro NZ Radar Detector System

Soon after releasing their first product in 2011, Genevo Radar had the best selling compact radar detector in Central Europe.  Since then they’ve only continued to refine and improve with a range of window and stealth detectors that have kept them at the top of the European market.

GPS database

Up to date and accurate static speed camera database

The main advantages of Genevo Pro NZ:

  • Removable display.
  • Update via a USB Flash disk.
  • The most user-friendly menu.
  • Excellent sensitivity.
  • Customised programming to eliminate false alerts
  • Accurate and up to date GPS database.
  • Optional rear antenna


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