Genevo Pro II Front/Rear Dual Radar


Two heads are better than one!  Double the range.


Installation Required

Genevo Pro II

Two heads are better than one!  Dual antennas mean double the range, with the added bonus of knowing which direction to look (run).


With GENEVO PRO II, you will be safe from all police radars, including the usually undetectable modern GATSO RT3 / RT4 Radars and MultaRadars commonly used Europe so it’s completely futureproofed here in New Zealand. The GPS alerts for static speed cameras goes without saying. As a bonus, the GPS database is super accurate updates are lifetime free.


The best radar detectors should be seen when necesary, and heard sparingly.  High quality product combined with careful, low profile installation and customised settings make the Genevo Pro II nearly invisible and so very quiet.  No false alerts, no ugly cables or suction cups on the windscreen, no worries.


Genevo Pro II dual antenna front and rear radar detector


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