Genevo Pro II stealth radar detector


The latest from European radar kings “Genevo” with built-in accurate GPS database and motion control.

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PRO II is a built-in radar detector with the latest radar antenna, GPS antenna with the most accurate New Zealand speed camera database, and is connectable with optional laser sensors from leading manufacturers.


Packed with features but incredibly easy to use.

With GENEVO PRO II, you will be safe from all police radars, including the usually undetectable modern GATSO RT3 / RT4 Radars and MultaRadars commonly used Europe.  These types of radas aren’t even in use in New Zealand yet, so it’s completely futureproofed here in New Zealand. The GPS database is super accurate and updates are free.


Features + Spec


Motion sensor for contactless operation. Mute the alarm without searching for the right button. Simply just wave your hand instead.


Intelligent light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment. The display automatically adjusts the brightness according to the amount of light in the cabin.


Noise sensor in the cabin. The detector automatically adjusts the alarm volume according to the level of noise inside the vehicle.


A magnetic display, removable with just one motion, that can be used as a “KillSwitch” – for instant deactivation.


The color display now shows twice the information than before, from any angle.


The detector can be easily configured using your computer.


Completely Stealth against police RDD’s (Radar detector detectors)


Completely innovated false alarm filtering system that is the absolute best among competition.


Lifetime free system and GPS databases updates, now trough WIN PC and MacOS.

Operating frequencies

Ka narrow: 34,0 GHz, 34,3 GHz, 34,7 GHz, 35,5 GHz (±120 MHz)
Ka wide: 33,4 GHz ~ 36,0 GHz
K narrow: 24,125 GHz (±70 MHz)
K wide: 24,125 GHz (±150 MHz)
X band: 10,525 GHz (±50 MHz)
MultaRadar: CD/CT
Gatso: RT3/RT4
Laser: 904nm

Technical parameters

Operating temperature: -20 °C to +85 °C
Storage temperature: -20 °C to +85 °C
Operating voltage: 11 V to 16 V
Power consumption: 250 mA normal, 330 mA max. (12 V)
Dimensions: 74 mm × 32 mm × 8 mm

Database updates

We recommend updating the database every month. Do you wish to be informed about the release of each new database update? Subscribe here.

Follow the instructions on the Technical Support page to download the new database.


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  • What radar frequency do cops use in NZ?

    Police Radar Frequency in NZ

    Ka radar, used in police patrol cars, operates on 34.7Ghz.  If you can isolate this frequency and switch off everything else, you’ll virtually eliminate any chance of false alerts.

    K band used in camera vans operates on 24.1 Ghz from a low-power radar transmitter.  This means that camera vans are very hard to detect reliably.

    The difference between K and Ka band is quite simple – read more about police radar frequencies in NZ here.

    It’s also worth the reminder that not all police cars have radar installed, normally just highway patrol cars.  They also don’t always have their radar turned on.  This is why your detector may not give you a lot of warning, it will suddenly blast a full-strength warning because the police just flicked their radar on the last second.  It’s tough to beat that sort of “hunting”.

  • Are Radar Detectors Illegal in New Zealand?

    There has long been talk of banning radar detectors, however this rumour has been circulating for nearly 20 years and there’s no evidence to suggest any New Zealand government will actually take action on the matter.

    Radar detectors are NOT illegal in New Zealand.

    There are a number of reasons why radar detectoes aren’t illegal here, as discussed here – read more.

  • Do NZ Police user radar or laser?

    The answer is BOTH. New Zealand Police use both radar and laser to detect speeding vehicles.

    Radar is more common though, with radar installed in police patrol cars, motorbikes, and fixed and mobile speed cameras.

    Laser is more accurate, but it can only be used by officers who are trained in its use and is used from a stationary, parked vehicle.  That said, laser can usually be transferred between police vehicles faster and easier, making it more financially effeciant for New Zealand police.

    Read more about the differences between police radar and laser here…