Are Radar Scanners Illegal in New Zealand?

While “Radar Scanner” is a commonly used term, it’s not what most Kiwis are actually looking for.  The correct description is Radar Detector, and no, radar detectors are not illegal in New Zealand.

Here are the reasons why radar detectors are not illegal in New Zealand:

  • Radar detectors are not considered to be a form of speeding device. They do not actually increase your speed, they simply alert you to the presence of a speed trap.
  • There is no evidence to suggest that radar detectors actually cause drivers to speed. In fact, some studies have shown that they can actually lead to drivers slowing down.
  • Radar detectors can be used for legitimate purposes, such as avoiding construction zones or areas where there is a risk of ice, dangerous pieces of roads, or the all too common potholes.

There has long been talk of banning radar detectors, however this rumour has been circulating for nearly 20 years and there’s no evidence to suggest any New Zealand government will actually take action on the matter.are radar scanners illegal in New Zealand?

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