New Zealand radar detectors

New Zealand’s best prices on the best radar direct to you

New Zealand radar detectors
Who is NZ Radars?

NZ Radars was established to supply the best priced radar detectors direct to the New Zealand market. We are a New Zealand company, based in Auckland, with free courier on all radar sales.

Why Buy From NZ Radars?

  • Biggest range from the brands that matter
  • Experienced installers
  • Custom set up of everything we sell, meaning virtually zero false alerts
  • GPS radars come fully loaded with NZ speed camera database
  • Local NZ warranty on all products
  • FREE SHIPPING anywhere in NZ with any detector purchase

Radar detectors direct to you in Auckland or anywhere in New Zealand.  Escort, Stinger, Uniden, and Genevo, plus laser protection, radar accessories like window mounts, power cords, hardwire kits, and radar detector installation services.

We are an authorised Neltronics reseller, one of only a few in New Zealand.  Originally based in Perth, Neltronics are the New Zealand and Australian distributor for Bel and Escort radars.

We are an authentic, authorised Uniden retailer, sourcing stock from the official distributor, BluLink based in East Tamaki, Auckland.

NZ Radars is a recognised New Zealand reseller of top European brands Genevo from Czech Republic, and Holland-based company Stinger.

NZ Radars for New Zealand’s best-priced radar detectors with free NZ shipping.  New Zealand radar detector stock, direct from the official distributor, with full warranty and local support, no parallel imported radar detectors.

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How do I update my Uniden R3 nz radar detector?

Uniden R3 and R7 updates New Zealand firmware and speed camera database Uniden's New Zealand distributor (BluLink) has made the various Uniden R3 and R7 updates available. If your detector is working fine, there often isn't any need to run a firmware update.  We...

How to use GPS enabled radar detectors for safety reminders

If you have a modern radar detector with GPS onboard, you can use it for safety reminds as well. You are able to manually add warning locations with the press of a few buttons.  Inbuilt systems like the Stinger, K40 or Genevo, or window mounted detectors from Escort...

My radar gives me little or no warning of a parked speed camera van. Why?

Police radar vans work in a different manner compared to the radars installed in patrol cars. Find out why you can’t pick up camera vans here.

Do NZ Police user radar or laser?

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Are Radar Detectors Illegal in New Zealand?

Some people think it will enable them to speed and endanger the public without getting caught, but that’s not necessarily the case.

I drove past police, my radar detector did nothing. Is it faulty?

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Why does everyone say Valentine V1 radar is the best?

Yes, we list the Valentine V1 radar but is it awesome or just a myth? We list a few points for and against this iconic historic radar detector.

I could clearly see a cop pointing a laser gun in my direction but my radar didn’t go off.  Why?

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