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Uniden R7 official New Zealand version

Who is NZRadars?
Frustrated with the amount of bad information and misguided advice offered from local radar retailers, NZRadars was established to supply the best priced radar detectors direct to the  New Zealand market. We are a New Zealand company that uses New Zealand based distributors with New Zealand stock. We do not parallel import our radar detectors, and offer a full New Zealand warranty, servicing and repairs direct to our radar customers.

Radar detectors direct to you in Auckland or anywhere in New Zealand.  Beltronics, Escort, and Valentine V1, plus laser jammers, radar accessories like window mounts, power cords, hard wire kits, and radar detector installation services. We are a recognised and authorised Neltronics reseller, one of only a few in New Zealand.  Based in Perth, Neltronics are the New Zealand and Australian distributor for Bel and Escort radars.

NZRadars for New Zealand’s best-priced radar detectors with free NZ shipping.  New Zealand radar detector stock direct from the official Australasian distributor with a full warranty and local support, no parallel imported radar detectors.

FREE SHIPPING anywhere in NZ with any detector purchase
NZ Radars supplies only New Zealand new radars direct to you.  No parallel imported radars, and all our products are made for New Zealand’s driving environment with full New Zealand based warranty and servicing.