Service Required message on Escort detector

Often older Escort or Beltronics radar detectors show “Service Required” on the display.service required message escort radar

This simply means a service is required.  A software update won’t fix this problem.

The New Zealand repair and service agent for Escort and Beltronics is based in Taupo – call 07 3784814 and arrange a repair.

NZ Radars do not service or repair detectors outside of the standard 12-month warranty.

If the radar is within the 12-month warranty, return it to us and we’ll look after the servicing with the agent directly.


Why Does The Service Required Message Appear?

A radar detector is like any other electronic device and not immune to faults developing from time to time.  There’s no specific reason or cause, although it’s not common and most customers get years of flawless use out of their detector.


How Much WIll a Radar Detector Repair Cost?

As we don’t do repairs ourselves, we can’t give an estimate, however, we understand most refurbish or repair jobs can be done for around $250 or less.