Sadly this classic Escort system is no longer available.  Consider the Genevo Pro NZ as an alternative.

Sadly this detector is no longer produced You may be interested in:

Escort MAX Ci (installed stealth radar) Genevo Pro NZ stealth radar detector K40 RL360i 360 degree installed radar Stinger VIP


No longer available

The 9500ci is programmed and pre-loaded for NZ conditions using the NZ GPS database of fixed and red light camera locations. The fully concealed 9500ci A radar detector provides the ultimate in long-range warning. With cutting edge Truelock™ radar frequency filtering which permanently eliminates false alerts by location and frequency. The latest TotalShield™ technology also offers complete invisibility to all RDD’s (radar-detector-detectors).
It’s range is increased as your speed increases using the new Autosensitivity™ mode, and provides you with 360? protection with both front and rear laser sensors. Provides longest range warning on K, Ka band radar and laser. The physical design of the 9500ci A allows for simple installation & complete concealment. All components are a simple colour coded plug-n-play interface with the main module, and it also enables multiple installation options due to it’s unique separate display and control modules.

The 9500ci A comes standard with voice alerts (external speaker included), LED warning (included), superior Truelock™ filtering, and of course the peace of mind of TotalShield™ technology.


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