Valentine V1

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The original classic Valentine V1 with unique left hand drive orientation housing.

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The original classic Valentine V1 with unique left-hand drive orientation housing.

Even though it’s technology hasn’t changed in nearly 20 years, the Valentine One remains one of the most searched names among New Zealand radar detectors.  The Valentine V1 has the world famous patented warning system relying on both forward- and rearward-facing radar antennas (front and rear laser sensors too). It goes beyond ordinary detectors by telling you where to look, and how many to look for. Once you have this intelligence report, you can easily decide when to defend, and when you can simply shrug off a non-threatening alarm, or try to outrun the police.

While most radar detectors have 360-degree detection, until recently the Valentine One was the only glass mounted detector with two radar antennas (one front and one rear) to scan all around your car and precisely locate each radar threat.



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