Hardwire Power Cable


Simple power cord removing the need for curly cords hanging down off your windscreen.  Connect to a switched fused power supply within the vehicle, hide the cable under the edging of the windscreen and leave a short accessible tail by the rear view mirror.

No more messy, ugly cords hanging down across your windscreen.

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Hardwire kits for your Escort, Beltronics, Valentine 1 or Uniden R3 radar detector means you can have a permanent power supply in your car, leaving the cigarette curly cord lead spare.  If two cars share the radar detector, this makes it faster and easier to swap the unit between cars.

Suitable for Escort Passport MAX, Uniden R3, Valentine V1, Escort Redline, 9500ixi, Beltronics Bel XR, Bel Magnum, Bel RX65, Bel v950a.




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