Valentine V1 radar detector

The original classic Valentine V1 with unique left hand drive orientation housing.

This product is still sold but is so out of date, and has no official New Zealand support network You may be interested in:

Beltronics V940a Radar Detector Escort MAX 360c Escort Redline EX International Uniden R3 Radar Detector with GPS


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Rumour has it the Valentine V1 is no longer produced. 

Valentine aren’t responding to our emails about official New Zealand distribution (is there anything official) or where to get it serviced locally (seems you can’t).  

The original classic Valentine V1 with unique left-hand drive orientation housing.

Even though it’s technology hasn’t changed in nearly 20 years, the V1 Valentine One remains one of the most searched names among New Zealand radar detectors.

Is the Valentine V1 still as good as everyone says?

Even though we consider the Valentine 1 to be quite out of date, it’s still an “OK” detector as long as you’re only worried about patrol cars and are happy to ignore a lot of fase alerts, and a ton of down-sides as below.

The challenges we see with the Valentine 1 are:

  • No user-enabled software updates available (and no USB input to do updates)
  • No segmented K-band (to help reduce false alerts)
  • No GPS for fixed location speed camera alerts
  • No obvious New Zealand distributor (which suggesting parallel imported product is the only option to buy)
  • No obvious authorised repair agent in New Zealand
  • Out of date pricing vs age vs built-in tech
  • Made for left-hand drive, so here in NZ, the display and control knob are passenger seat focussed.

Want MODERN front and rear radar detection?

The V1 is still around but it’s not what we consider a modern radar detector.

We recommend the Escort Redline EX or Uniden R3nz instead, or if you really like arrows, try the Escort MAX 360c instead.



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