Escort MAX 360

We no longer stock this, it's been repalced already! Try this one instead:

Escort MAX 360c radar detector with GPS


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After waiting nearly two years for the official New Zealand version, Escort has already upgraded the popular Max 360.

Check out the new Escort MAX 360c here.

Escort Passport MAX 360

The Valentine 1 (V1) killer

Even though the Valentine V1 with it’s “made-for-left-hand-drive” legend is well out of date, many people think it’s the best – largely because it has the threat arrows.

But what good is it having an arrow telling you if the threat is coming from behind or in front of the V1 can’t “learn” if it’s even a real threat at all?

The Escort MAX 360 is the new radar detector with direction arrows, just like a V1 except without the 1990s Valentine technology.  It has arrows just like the Valentine V1, except this is the latest design and technology not something from the 90s.  In fact, these arrows are more like nails for the V1 coffin.

The new Max 360 uses dual-antennas that can detect multiple threats simultaneously, then shows the driver where the threat is coming from the front, rear or side, helping the driver make a better determination of how to respond. This functionality is very similar to the Valentine One. However, the Max 360 goes a step further by also colour-coding the arrows to represent the frequency of the source – yellow for “K Band” and red for “Ka-Band” – so you can see that you might be getting a false K alarm from an automatic door opener to the side, but getting a likely police Ka-band signal from the front.

The All-New Max 360 provides directional alert arrows (front, side to side and rear indication), extreme range, lightning fast response time, pinpoint precision and directional alert display. It’s the most advanced radar/laser detector on the market.