If you have a modern radar detector with GPS onboard, you can use it for safety reminds as well.

You are able to manually add warning locations with the press of a few buttons.  Inbuilt systems like the Stinger, K40 or Genevo, or window mounted detectors from Escort and Uniden.

Great examples are school zones (40km), specific city streets with restricted speed zones (central Auckland and Wellington), or a particularly rough piece of road.  It’s easy to manually mark a location so that every time you approach the area, your detector “reminds” you that even more care is required.

Even the most careful drivers can forget or miss a speed change sign.  Why not use the technology available to help improve your driving habits?


USA detector manufacturer K40 put together some interesting statistics too recently showing how even the slightest distraction can cause big problems.  Read their article here – Radar Detectors Make Safer Drivers