Installations and Repairs

Get it installed

Installation services for any of our radar detector or laser jammers available in Auckland at Rapid Radio, Wellington at Streetsoundz, and Christchurch with JC Installs.

Get it repaired

Occasionally even the best can fail.  Any repair under warranty is handled by Neltronics, the Australasian distributor via their New Zealand service agent.  For Escort or Beltronics repairs, contact Neltronics in New Zealand on 07 3784814.

For Escort or Beltronics repairs, contact Neltronics on 07 3784814.

Any warranty repairs can be sent to us, we will

We do not repair Valentine V1 radar detectors

We are not aware of any Valentine V1 radar repair outlets or if faulty Valentine V1s can be repaired.  

If you have a faulty V1, it’s time for a new radar, and we CAN help you with that!